Besides beautify the look of the room, the presence of indoor plants have diverse functions. One of them, as a room separator.

Creating a separator or divider two different rooms, not necessarily with the wall. So that the room did not seem fragmented, you can use the park instead of walls.

Utilizing a dry garden as a divider, making the room feel more spacious and roomy. In addition, of course, makes the room look more beautiful with a touch of nature. For example this one is a dry garden.

Park function divides the living room with dining area. This park measures 2.35 mx5m. Looks simple, decorated with a sprinkling of white coral gravel. No need to use a lot of plants. Just one or two potted plants only. You can also add some garden accessories.

In order for the impression of luxury, you can equip the park with floodlights. Point the light beam on the plant. The light from the floodlights is what gives the impression of luxury in a dry garden. Easy to make, inexpensive and practical treatment. Interested in making a dry garden in the house?

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